• Preparation


    During the assessment phase, the following assessment activities will be carried out: Assessment of current academic programs at the Palestinian partner universities in terms of its suitability for conferring graduates with sufficient skills and knowledge to clinical nutrition procedures, nutrition assessment, meal planning, nutrition care process, medical nutrition therapy, food analysis and uses of model…yes

  • Development


    During the development phase, various activities will be carried out based on the recommendations made in the previous phase: The targeted academic programs at Palestinian partner universities will be modified by adding several courses that aim to deliver new and modern nutrition knowledge. This will be conducted under the supervision of EU consultants. The Palestinian…yes

  • Quality


    Quality control is an integral part of the project and aims to ensure that objectives are met in the most effective way. This Quality Plan defines the general approach to quality control, internal and external evaluation and the procedures to be followed by the partners for effective communication as well as production and documentation of…yes

  • Dissemination


    The objective of the Communication Plan is to identify and organize the activities to be performed in order to promote the exploitation of the project’s results and the widest dissemination of knowledge from the project. The Plan is a key document in the first place intended for all project partners, who have therefore available to…yes

  • Management


    Management work package aims at ensuring effective and efficient management of all project activities, pursuing the project’s objectives according to the time schedule, budget and the quality standards established. It also aims at ensuring a regular cooperation with the EC services and an appropriate level of quality control on project activities and deliverables. With the…yes